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Are you based in Jamaica? Bookings are done offline here

Motion Flyer

BEST promotional tool to date! PERFECT for running ads on social media


Eye-catching, grabs audience quickly & marketable 


You get a regular flyer PLUS a motion video for your flyer


This has to be one of the best inventions in the digital marketing world.

Motion Flyer

  •  • Still flyer - JPEG file format in required size for digital purposes

    •  MP4 Motion video

  • Before booking, you MUST:

    • Have a vision for YOUR brand.

    • Have examples or inspiration to show your designer, that way we can have an idea of your vision & meet your expectations. 

    • Read the Terms & conditions on the footer of our website

    Upon booking, you will be REQUIRED to:

    • Provide the designer with all information and details about your biz & what’s needed on your design.

    • Provide the designer with a few examples or inspiration to give us an idea IF you are particular and have a specific vision so that we can meet your expectations. 

    An information request email will be sent to upon booking

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