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Why does your Biz need a Logo Branding Suite?
Your business deserves a FULL brand identity; that way your audience can easily recognize your Business Brand whether it's placed on printed platforms or experienced through digital media.
What's included in the Logo Branding Suite?
• Text based or Image Based Logo
• A Primary Logo Design
• A Secondary Logo Design
• A Submark Logo Design
• All Necessary Logo Formats (JPEG, PNG, Black & White, Vector)
• All brand tools & resources you'll need

Brand Tools Included:
- Font Names & Downloadable Font Files
- Brand Color Palette
- Brand Color HEX Codes for your use
Office with a View
Having 3 versions of your Logo allows for Brand versatility. What do I mean? No matter what platform you need your logo on, it has a version to fit just right!

Each Version EXPLAINED below:
The Primary Logo as the name suggests, is the main logo design that represents your brand values and message, this logo will be the one you mostly use to represent your brand.

The Secondary logo is a rearranged version of your primary logo to make to make your brand more responsive in all spaces. For example, if your primary logo is horizontal, your secondary logo should be a vertical or stacked version.

A Submark logo is a simplified version of your main logo which usually consists of just a few key elements from your primary logo. It’s extremely useful in small spaces where your primary and secondary logo won’t work. Submarks are usually a circular shape containing the text or symbol of your brand.
Your Brand Tools allow for consistency within your business branding, marketing and promotion. It creates alignment and cohesiveness by using the same font styles & colors all across the board; making your business EASILY recognizable
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