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Your Social Media is your Online Storefront!

With that being said, you must ensure that it looks presentable, organized, professional & is consistent with your Brand. Social Media Branding creates an online presence that will build your audience and attract clients with its aesthetics & professionalism.

What we offer:

• Social Media Branding Templates (Regular or Editable Canva Templates)

• Instagram Highlight Covers

• Email Signature Design

• LinkTree Design & Set-Up

Complimentary with Social Media Branding packages:

• Professional Instagram Bio

• Logo Display Picture

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Canva templates are FULLY editable only in Canva while for Regular templates, you can't edit the design of the template BUT you can ADD content to them using Canva or any other APP.

• We create Branding templates designed blank with your Logo & theme to match your Brand so that you can easily add content on it when needed for posting on social media.

• These can be designed BLANK or with headings & titles.

For eg: To make quick announcements or showcase reviews