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Are you based in Jamaica? Bookings are done offline here

ANY 12 Graphics per month! 


This may include:

  • Daily/Weekly Content
  • Content flyers
  • Story flyer posts
  • Feed posts
  • Email Campaign (Only 2 can be included in this package)
  • Interactive content posts
  • Blank Branding Templates
  • Announcement posts
  • Promotional flyers
  • Printable Designs
  • Website Banner Updates
  • Campaign Flyers
  • Seasonal Promotional Designs



• Designs must be requested in advance to when it is needed to give the designer ample time to complete.

• Standard wait time per design for retainer packages is within 1-3 business days depending on the design & workload.

• Designs can be requested in bulk before the start of the subscription.

• Designs will NOT be rolled over to the following month.

• Designs do not include the following: Logo designs, Full Website Devopment nor Billboard Designs


Monthly Retainer: Newbie

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