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What’s better than having 1 bomb logo? HAVING 3! 😃


Use them at your own convenience & where appropriate.




📌Your main logo is as the name suggests is your primary logo! This version will be used mostly for branding.


📌Your alternate logo is a variation created to compliment your main logo, but it uses a different layout to make sure you always have options no matter where you want to use it.

For example: If your main logo is horizontal, your alternate logo will be designed verticlally or stacked for versatility on any background or platform.


📌A sub-mark logo is a simplified version of your main/secondary logo. The sub-mark typically does not have the full name of the business. Instead, it’s usually an icon that can represent your business just by seeing it (best for branding items etc)

Logo Branding Suite

  • • Main Logo

    • Alternate Logo

    • Submark Logo

    • Black & White Logo

    • Colour Codes

    • Fonts used

    • Font files

    • Logo files: JPEG, PNG(Transparent background), Vector format

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