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Let’s do a FULL 360 degrees REVAMP of your entire Brand Look! Is your branding failing your business? It’s not screaming Luxury or VALUE?

You may need to do a FULL revamp & step out! Includes:

• New Logo Design


• New Social Media Branding

- Professional Bio

- IG Logo Display

- Instagram Highlight Covers

- 2 Story Blank Branding Template

- 2 Feed Blank Branding Template

• 2 Information Templates for Highlight Section

• 6 Content Posts

• An EYE-CATCHING flyer to promote your Biz! Of course we gotta show off your new Brand Look & grab those customers!

• NEW WEBSITE LOOK! We’ll revamp your website to look FRESH, professional, organized, user friendly & AMAZING to entice your audience!

Turnaround period: Drafts are sent within 7-14 business

. Once branding has been finalized, website redrafts will be sent within 3 business week days; 15-business days; once approved, final files are sent over within 1 business day.

360° Revamp Package

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