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Hi there, please see our Pricelist quoted in $JMD below for our Jamaica-based clients!

Remember: ALL bookings are done through our website & JMD payments are completed offline (Our Payment options can also be seen below 

Please ensure to read ALL details & terms and conditions BEFORE booking

Please note that all prices may VARY

depending on what is requested.

Logo Designs

Text based logo $8000

Image based logo $9500

Illustration logo $13,000


Branding suite (3 versions of your logo)

 (TEXT BASED) $12,500

(IMAGE BASED) $15,000

Social Media Branding

Instagram Highlight Covers $4000 (5-7 covers)

1 Branding template $4000

Social Media Branding Bundle Deals

5-7 Highlight Covers + 2 Templates $8,000

2 Branding templates $7000

3 Branding templates $10,000

4 Branding templates $12,000

5 Branding templates $13,500

6 Branding templates $15,000

Business Card Design

One-sided business card design $5000

Two-sided business card design $6000

Credit card style business card $6500

Thank you Card Design

One-sided thank you card design $5000

Two-sided thank you card design $6000

Flyer Design

Social Media Flyer $6500

Motion Flyer $12,000

Party/Event Flyer $10,000

Restaurant Menu Design

One-sided $6500

Two-sided $7500

Product Label Design

Product label design only $4000

Label design + mockup $7500

Product mockup only $5500

Shopping bag sticker design $3500

Website Design

Acuity/Square Booking Site $16,000

Shopify website development $55,000

Wix website development $55,000

Website revamp $35,000

Home page web design $20,000

Website banner $5,500

Content Creation

1 Content post $3,000

4 Content posts $10,000

6 Content posts $12,000

Reel video creation $7,000

Other Designs

Window Storefront Design (Starts at $8,000)

Hangtag Design $4000

Billboard Design starts at $15,000

Email Newsletter Design $6,500

Retractable banner design $7,500

Custom Mailer box design $7,000


• Please ignore USD pricing on official website if you are located

in Jamaica.


•When checking out, select offline payment then complete

payment via Online bank transfer/bank deposit )


(NCB, JN, SCOTIA)  See Banking details upon booking

Paypal/Zelle is also accepted

•If you pay using your debit/credit card on our website, you will be

charged in USD based on the current exchange rate.

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